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Our organization has held 3 luncheons/fashion shows at PAHGCC and were delighted each time. The support help is outstanding. Brittany couldn't have been more charming and helpful. The menu selections were great as was the service. The property itself is perfect for our event and just lovely. We are looking forward to returning to PAHGCC soon.


My husband and I got married at PAHGCC (ceremony and reception) just under one year ago. We had such a wonderful experience with the team when it came to planning the wedding. Brittany was very detail oriented and meticulous, and it was great to work with her. The tasting was fantastic, and the chef was extraordinarily accommodating. The venue was beautiful in the summer, with a great view of the waterfall from the patio for the cocktail hour and multiple scenic locations for photos. We are delighted that that we had our wedding here!


We had a large business dinner at PAHGCC and the customer service was excellent. The preparation and attention to detail was fantastic and I really appreciated the great service across the board - from the event planning to the day-of service and bartending staff. They made it easy and were willing to be flexible and supportive in ways that I did not even anticipate. Plus, the location is lovely and easy to access. Highly recommended!


State of the art facilities and excellent dining options with the members dining room, bar, outdoor restaurant, poolside dining, etc. Welcoming staff and tons of activities (golf, social, culinary) throughout the year for families and individuals.


We have held our annual golf tournament at Palo Alto Hills Golf & Country Club for the past two years. Our golfers love the facility/course and look forward to golfing at Palo Alto Hills Golf & Country Club each year. The staff at Palo Alto Hills Golf & Country Club is very accommodating and personable. We look forward to our future tournaments at Palo Alto Hills Golf & Country Club.


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